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Google Analytics

Tracking E-mail Opens

Recently I was asked by a client how she could track which recipients were opening her e-mail messages (without using a read receipt).  It turned out to be a pretty easy process, after finding this article: http://dyn.com/blog/tracking-email-opens-via-google-analytics/. As a note of caution, Apple at least offers Mail Privacy Protection which blocks this ability. Anyways, as

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Protecting WordPress File Uploads

A Go-Daddy backed security company analyzed over 25k infected websites and 4,426,795 cleaned files to determine that the WordPress content management system accounted for 90% of all hacked websites in 2018 (increasing from 83% in 2017). The top three tactics for attacks included backdoors (68%), malware (56%), and SEO spam (51%).

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Google Analytics

Search Engine Optimization

Learning about SEO Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization On-Page Search Engine Ranking Factors 9 Ways To Promote Your Site On-Page SEO: The Definitive Guide Tools 45 SEO Tools SEO Optimization with Yoast (if you don’t have Yoast on your site, contact your web developer) Five Minute Guide To Improving Your Ranking In Google While

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Custom Post Types

Custom Post Types in WordPress

What Are Custom Post Types? While most WordPress sites at CSU primarily use Pages, Posts can be just as, if not more, useful in the right context. Typically, posts are viewed as a blogging feature intended for your everyday, typical blog. However, nothing within WordPress restricts you to use posts solely for blog posts. You can

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Connection timeout error message

Know When Your Site Goes Down Before Your Clients Do

I’m not too happy when a site I am responsible for goes down.  I especially don’t like it when a client alerts me to this fact, when I should have known/fixed the issue myself well before their knowledge of the issue.  So, here’s how to prevent such an occurrence from ever happening to you again.

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The Newsletter Plugin Logo

The Newsletter Plugin

What is The Newsletter Plugin? The Newsletter Plugin (sometimes referred to simply as “Newsletter” within WordPress) is a plugin that allows you to easily create newsletters to send to subscribers. While you can use it to send out a generic email with static text, the real benefit comes from it automatically pulling your website’s posts

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