PHP Web Auth

Download [insert link]

To get started:

  1. Sign in to eService,, and set the Web Auth Return Destination value

  1. Locate and change the eServiceToken and Submit properties to your assigned eService Token and desired submit button (see the code’s comments for more information) in Login method of webauth.php
            $this->eServiceToken = '1234....';
$this->Submit = "Default";

  1. Add your own custom validation logic, session keys, and / or redirection in the Result method of webauth.php
  2. Run your tests. Consider using the SeleniumIDE plugin for FireFox; it will make testing easier and save a lot of time.

That’s it! To use php web auth with an existing project:

  1. Copy __includes.php and webauth.php into your project.
  2. On the login script, instantiate the webauth, call the Login method and echo out the ResponseString:
            $webAuth = new WebAuth();

$webAuth = $webAuth->Login();

echo $webAuth->ResponseString

  1. Add your custom validation logic, session keys and / or redirection in the Result method of webaut.php