Planning Web Projects

I have a fairly informal process when it comes to the intake of new web-related projects:

  1. Complete a client survey worksheet
  2. E-mail it to me at smiley

For most projects, all I really need are the answers for the highlighted sections of the client survey.  Please don’t forget to either complete the site organization worksheet at the bottom of the form, or better yet, roughly lay out your workflow/pages at (it’s free to use – at least for the first 2 projects.  Moqups works best using most any browser besides Internet Explorer).  Once I get your worksheet, I will then add your project to my calendar and will keep you informed of my progress!



Project Planning Document Alternative – Moqups

If you don’t prefer the narrative approach to submitting projects, another great way of conveying your needs is to utilize the website MoqUps.  It’s very simple to create wireframes using this site.  Ideally you would just need to create each of the pages you think would be necessary for the project, and then on each page adding the textboxes/other basic visuals that you would expect to need.  Eg:
Sample Mockup