Update a Page’s Name or Link Within a Menu

If you’d like to retain a page within the site menu, but update its name or link, try the following steps:

  1. Log into your site as an administrator
  2. Navigate the page in question and click”Page Settings” (usually is a link at the bottom of the page, or may appear as a wrench/gear icon).  You may alternatively get to the page’s settings by clicking the “Administration” link/icon to see the admin menu, then clicking Add/Edit Pages, then selecting your page from the menu, and clicking on the wrench/gear icon to edit that page’s settings.
  3. Next feel free to change your page’s name.  Note that changing your page’s name will also prompt the system to suggest a new friendly url for the page.  If you don’t want to change the page’s url or if you want to use your own url, you can always override mojo’s suggestion with your own.
  4. As noted above, you can give a page whatever url you wish.  You can also specify an absolute url (eg, “http://www.google.com”) and then whenever someone clicks on the page’s name in the menu he/she will be redirected to the absolute url you have entered.  Note:  If you have specified an absolute url for a page previously, the only way to get to that page’s settings (eg, in order to edit the url) is via Administration –> Add/Edit Pages –> Selecting the Page from the menu –> Clicking the Wrench icon.


Other Notes:

The page settings area also allows you to specify

  • Whether or not to include the page in the menu
  • Whether or not to include the page in the site map
  • Whether or not you’d like the page to be opened in a new window (eg, this may be appropriate for links to external pages)