In the event that you want a given piece of content to only appear on your site for a pre-defined amount of time, it is possible to stage it using the steps below.

Using the Content Manager:

  1. Sign into your site by clicking “Sign In” (or going directly to  The following steps assume you have appropriate permissions.
  2. Navigate to your Content Manager by clicking Administration (or the key icon) –> Content Manager.
  3. Locate your content and click “Publish/Delete”.
  4. On the ensuing page, there will be a checkmark icon next to the page(s) where your content is published.  You should also see a “Publish Begin” column with some date indicating when your content was initially published.
  5. Click the checkmark icon to edit the publish date.
  6. Alter the begin/end dates for your chosen content to define when it will appear and when it will disappear from your site.
  7. Click Update to commit your changes.

NOTE:  If you are in the process of editing a module that is secured (which is to be published at a later date), you MUST be sure to  also un-protect the module besides set its publish date.  Otherwise, even though the module will become published at the date you set, it won’t appear to the general public because it will still be secured.


From the page itself (ie, you already have a module on a page and you wish to change its publishing date

  1. Follow step #1 above (sign in)
  2. Once you are on the page where your module needs to be hidden/shown at a certain time, click the “Settings” link next to your module’s title.
  3. Click the “Publishing” link
  4. Follow steps 4-7 above.