Signing into your site is pretty straightforward – just follow the directions below!

  1. First, navigate to your web site (usually something along the lines of
  2. Next, look for a “Sign In” link, which often appears somewhere near the bottom of your page, next to links such as, “Home” and/or “Site Map”.  Alternatively, you can also try going directly to
  3. Log in with your eID (eName + ePassword).  Don’t know what an eID is?
  4. At this point, after logging in, you should be redirected to a different page within your site (normally the page you were last at, or your home page).  On this page, you should see a few icons such as the following on your page: Admin Icons.  If you don’t see any such icons, more than likely you do not have sufficient privileges to edit your site.  Contact Shaun Geisert or Steve Railsback to obtain this access.
  5. If you do see any of the above icons, you should now be set to manage your website.  Just visit our main training page to learn more about your site and its management!