Securing/Hiding a Module From Public View

The following directions will show you how to show/hide a feature on a page (eg, if you need to temporarily hide a form from the general public).

  1. Log in as an admin to your site.
  2. Go to the module you wish to secure (or “hide”).  That is, navigate to the page containing the module and locate the module by looking for the “Settings” link next to the module’s title.
  3. Click the “Settings” link for your module (may appear as a gear icon on your page, such as Settings).
  4. Click the “Security” tab.  You should see something similar to the following (the following may be arranged in tabs as well). The screen shot below is for page security, but the exact same method applies to securing a module:

    Roles List

  5. Normally, you just want to ensure that unauthenticated users can’t see your module.  Therefore, simply unselect “All Users” under the area, “Roles that can view this page”.  If however, you want to make this even more restrictive, you can select/create a new role that a user must be a member of before they can access your page.  For example, in the image above, I have created a new role called “Staff”.  I could conceivably check that box to ensure that only those people whom I’ve designated as staff members can access the page.  Please contact your web developer if you want would like to create a new role for your site.
  6. Note #1: The “Authenticated User” role is simply someone with a valid eID.  So, for example, if I were to check the “Authenticated Users” box under “Roles That Can View This Page” above, I would effectively make this page visible to only those with valid eID logins (CSU affiliates, including students/staff).
  7. Note #2:  You can safely ignore any role with the word “Administrator” in it.  That is, even if you uncheck “Administrators” from any area above, administrators will still have rights to the page.  Eg, if you uncheck “Administrators” from “Roles that can edit this page”, administrators will still be able to edit the page, regardless of what you try to do.