Whenever you need to edit a touchy piece of content (eg, on many of your home pages, where they might be complex tabs, images, etc.) or when you just want to be sure that no one sees your changes before you have everything “just so”, it is recommended to “back up” your work before making edits.   Actually, it’s a good habit to “sandbox” whenever you edit a page, especially if you are new to the HTML game and are worried about making a mistake.

  1. After logging in, go to the page that needs editing and click “Edit” next to the content which you want to change.
  2. Click “Source” in the upper left hand corner of the editor.  You will see some some HTML code (don’t worry if it doesn’t make any sense).
  3. Select+All / Copy all this code.
  4. Navigate to your sandbox page.  For most of my sites, I’ve already created a sandbox or test page that is hidden from public view.  Eg, or
  5. Now we’re going to clear out the HTML content on the sandbox/test page by repeating steps 1-2 above.  Once in source view of the sandbox page, do a Select+All and then press delete.  Paste in your code from the page you wish to edit into the sandbox page.
  6. Now, click “Source” again to see the normal view and make your desired edits.  Once everything looks good on your sandbox page, you can now proceed to navigate back to your original page, click “Source”, do a Select+All, press delete, paste your new code into the editor, and then save it. Your content on your original page should now look like the content on the sandbox page.
  7. Finally, if something goes awry on the sandbox page (eg, you accidentally delete an image), all you need to do to fix it is to just paste the code from the original page back into the source view (just be sure to click “Source” again to see the code view before pasting) and click “Update”.  Everything will be as you had it before your edits.
  8. NOTE: If you mess up any part of your site irrecoverably, please let Shaun Geisert (491-0736) or Steve Railsback (491-6918) know right away – we can usually restore your site to the previous night’s backup, although you will obviously lose any work you may have done since the backup.


Creating a Sandbox Page

Need to create a sandbox page(s) for your site?

  • First, execute these directions to first create your page.  Be sure to uncheck the boxes to include this page in any site maps (no need to display this hidden page in the site map)
  • Next, you should probably secure your page so the public can’t get to the page even if they knew the url.  Make your page so that only admins can see it.