Pasting Text From Word

Pasting text from Word is a very common way of building out your website.  However, not everything in Word translates nicely to the web.  For example, many fonts do not render correctly when copied directly from Word to the web.  Therefore, please follow the directions below when copying/pasting from Word (or from any other piece of software).  Additionally, the methods can be used to clean up an existing page:

  1. Once logged in as an admin, click the “Edit” link by any HTML content area.FCK Editor
    Figure 3.12 shows the edit box for a HTML Content area.
  2. Now you need to fill your clipboard with the text you wish to paste.  If you are pasting from Word, simply copy (Control + C) the text from your Word doc.  To clean up an existing web page, just select everything in your editor (which instead of being blank, as it is above, would be filled with your “unclean” text.  Then press Control + C to copy.
  3. Click the Paste from Word graphic Insert Picture. In newer editors, the graphic may instead look like Paste and be called “Paste”. In any case, you should now see a “Paste from Word” (or “Paste”) window:

    Paste from Word window

  4. Just to be safe, make sure to check both “Ignore Font Face definitions” and “Remove Styles definitions”.  In newer editors, these 2 checkboxes are unavailable (as the newer editor handles this for you automatically).
  5. Paste your text.
  6. If things still don’t look right, try the “Paste as Plain Text” button instead: Paste Text.  The graphic could also look like Paste Plain Text  Note that this will only copy the text and not pictures from a Word or other doc.
  7. When you are happy with how things look, click “OK”, then “Update” to save the changes to your page!