Linking To A PDF/Word Document From Your Menu

The directions for creating a link in your menu to a PDF or Word doc are identical to the directions at page-links.  However, here’s a bit more detail specific to PDF/Word docs.
  1. First, log into your site as an admin
  2. Next we need to upload the document and get the link to that document.  For this purpose, it’s fastest just to follow the directions outlined at linking, specifically steps 2-9.  I realize the goal here isn’t to create a text link to a document, but to instead create a menu link.  However, unless you happen to know the absolute url to your file, this is the easiest way to get it.
  3. Once you have uploaded the document and selected it in step #9, you should see a box showing a url.  The url will look something like this: /Data/Sites/1/documents/YOURFILE.  You need to copy that url.
  4. Next, click New Page, give it a title and choose the appropriate parent (to determine where the link appears in the menu).  If the page already exists, just go to Administration –> Add/Edit Pages, find the page in the list you wish to redirect elsewhere, and then click the gear icon to edit the page’s settings.
  5. Finally, for the page URL, use the fully qualified url.  In this case, it will be and then paste in the url you just copied.  The final url will look something like this: (or .pdf).
  6. Save your page