How To Embed A PDF onto Your Site Using Issuu


  1. To begin, visit and create a free account or login
  2. Click “Upload”
  3. Select your file and upload it to Issuu
  4. Click “Publish Now” after you have titled/described your PDF
  5. Click “Create an Embed”, then “Give It a Try”
  6. Feel free to customize the appearance of your “widget”, or just leave everything set to the default values
  7. Click “Save and Get Code”
  8. Copy the code in the ensuing pop-up (just leave the option set to default) to your clipboard
  9. Next visit the page on your site where you want to add your PDF
  10. Click “Edit” next to the module to view the HTML editor for your page
  11. Click “Source” in the upper left corner to view the underlying HTML for the page
  12. Paste the HTML code from your clipboard into the editor and click “Update”

Voila – you now have embedded Issuu PDF on your site!