Granting users edit privileges to your site is easy (assuming you have the security privileges to do so ):

First, a couple of considerations.  You can either grant a user edit privileges to a given content module (eg, a calendar or HTMLContent area on a page), or you can give them edit access to the entire page.  To grant a user edit privileges for a specific module, simply click the gear icon next to the module; for a page, click the gear icon to change the security settings for the entire page (usually the page settings icon is located near the very top of the page).

  1. To begin, log in to your site.
  2. Navigate to the page where you want to change security settings.
  3. Click the appropriate icon (as explained above) – module settings to change the security settings for a module, or page settings to change the security settings for a page.
  4. Click the “Security” tab
  5. Under “Roles that can edit content”, select the role you wish to be able to edit the given content.  Keep in mind that, if you use a built-in system role, any users assigned to that role will automatically be given certain privileges by the system.  For more information regarding which roles have which privileges, see  Alternatively (and perhaps ideally), you should first add a custom role to the system by visiting the “Administration menu” (the key icon), clicking “Roles Administration”, then add your own custom role.  Doing so will ensure that this custom role has no privileges on the system beyond what you give it.
  6. Click “Save”.  Now any users that are assigned to the role you just granted edit access to will be able to edit the specified content/page.