Event Calendar – Adding Events

  • Once you’re signed in/on the page with the calendar, click “Add Events”
  • Enter your event’s details, including whether registration is required, whether the event is recurring, etc.  If you enter a location, then click “Show Map”, the system will attempt to show your event on a Google map
  • If the event requires registration, be sure to set the total seats (from 0 to something else)
  • Be sure to double check “Registration Allowed Dates” (you will almost always want to change the allowed dates), just to be sure that you are only allowing people to register when you want to.
  • Click “Save”


Event Calendar – Deleting Registrations

If you wish to delete an existing registration, here’s how:

  1. Sign into your site
  2. Visit the page in question which contains the registration area (ie, the calendar).  You should see a link called “Sales Management” next to the module title.
  3. Click that link (“Sales Management”).
  4. Click “Order History”
  5. Find the registration in the list and click “View” (under “Order Total”)
  6. Click “Delete”
  7. Another way to accomplish the above is to view the event you created, then click “View Orders”, then click the appropriate order id in order to get to the screen where you can delete the individual order.

Event Calendar – Deleting Registrations Via the Registration Viewer

If your developer has created a module where you can search/sort through all of your registrations in one place (see the screen shot below for an example), here’s how you can delete a registration:

Registration Viewer

  1. Assuming you are signed into your site, click the “Details” link next to the registration you would like to delete
  2. Click the “Delete” button to delete the registration

Event Calendar Pro – Settings

After you’ve added the event calendar pro module to a page (Add or Arrange Content Features –> Event Calendar Pro …) and after you are signed into your site, you can easily manage your calendar’s settings by clicking “Settings”

Some Noteworthy Settings:

  • Time Zone (set to Mountain)
  • Enable … View (many users wish to only enable Month and/or List View)
  • Default View (again, many users opt to set this to Month or List View)
  • Show Company Name On Registration (usually set this to false, since we’re at a university )
  • Show Suburb On Registration (again, usually set to false)


Accepting Registrations

The registration component of Event Calendar Pro is useful in that you can quickly set up a registration system for your site.  However, there are features of the system that are geared towards commerce that you may want to remove/change.

Some possible areas to change (contact your developer to make these changes) include changing the confirmation e-mail that is automatically generated by the system and also removing form fields that you don’t need (eg, Address 1/Address 2, Country, etc.).

If you would like to enforce a registration limit on the number of people who can register for a particular event, just be sure to enter a number for “Total Seats/Registrations” when adding/editing your event.


Developer Notes

Developer Notes


If you want to customize the order confirmation e-mail that is generated by the system, edit the following:


Alternatively, you can also add a custom .config file, per these instructions:


UPDATE – using the custom config files seems to not be sending out e-mails for me, so I opted for the 1st method above, using this template:

Dear {0}

Hope you enjoy the event {1}!

Your Order ID is {2}

For up to date details about this event visit our site:

Extraneous Registration Fields

Using jQuery, you can easily remove fields.  Here is some example jQuery to manipulate forms:

//View Event Page
$('#ctl00_mainContent_eventDetail_pnlRegister div.settingrow:eq(0)').hide(); //Hide ticket price

//Fill Out Registration Page
$('#ctl00_mainContent_pnlOrder div.settingrow:eq(0)').hide(); //Hide ticket price
$('#ctl00_mainContent_pnlOrder div.settingrow:eq(1)').hide(); //Hide Quantity
$('#ctl00_mainContent_pnlOrder div.settingrow:eq(2)').hide(); //Hide order total

$('#ctl00_mainContent_fldCustomerInfo label:eq(0)').html("Registrant Information");

$('#ctl00_mainContent_txtCustomerAddressLine1').val("NA"); //Change and hide address 1
$('#ctl00_mainContent_pnlOrder div.settingrow:eq(6)').hide();

$('#ctl00_mainContent_txtCustomerAddressLine2').val("NA"); //Change and hide address 2
$('#ctl00_mainContent_pnlOrder div.settingrow:eq(7)').hide();

$('#ctl00_mainContent_pnlOrder div.settingrow:eq(8)').hide(); //hide country
$('#ctl00_mainContent_pnlOrder div.settingrow:eq(9)').hide(); //hide state

$('#ctl00_mainContent_txtCustomerCity').val("NA"); //Change and hide city
$('#ctl00_mainContent_pnlOrder div.settingrow:eq(10)').hide();

$('#ctl00_mainContent_txtCustomerPostalCode').val("NA"); //Change and hide zip
$('#ctl00_mainContent_pnlOrder div.settingrow:eq(11)').hide();

//Order summary page
$('#ctl00_mainContent_OrderDetailView1_pnlOrderSummary div.settingrow:eq(2)').hide(); //Hide ticket price
$('#ctl00_mainContent_OrderDetailView1_pnlOrderSummary div.settingrow:eq(3)').hide(); //Hide Quantity
$('#ctl00_mainContent_OrderDetailView1_pnlSubTotal').hide(); //Hide subtotal
$('#ctl00_mainContent_OrderDetailView1_pnlTaxTotal').hide(); //Hide sales tax
$('#ctl00_mainContent_OrderDetailView1_pnlOrderTotal').hide(); //Hide tax total
$('#ctl00_mainContent_OrderDetailView1_pnlOrderSummary div.settingrow:eq(7)').hide(); //Hide Payment method

$('#ctl00_mainContent_OrderDetailView1_divPrintNotice').hide(); //Hide Please print this page

//Login page
$('#ctl00_mainContent_pnlLogin legend:eq(0)').html("Sign In With Your eID"); //Change fieldset
$('#ctl00_mainContent_LoginCtrl_pnlLContainer label:eq(0)').html("eID"); //Change User Id to eID
$('#ctl00_mainContent_LoginCtrl_pnlLContainer label:eq(1)').html("ePassword"); //Change password to epassword
$('#ctl00_mainContent_LoginCtrl_pnlLContainer div.settingrow:eq(2)').hide(); //Hide remember me