Deleting Files From Your Site

Here’s how you can go about deleting old/unused files from your site.  Note that you should only do this if you know for certain that you would like to delete the file (and bear in mind that you have removed any links to the files you plan to delete).  It may not be possible for your web developer to recover any deleted files.

  1. First, sign into your site by clicking “Sign In” (often this link appears at the bottom of your site)
  2. Assuming you are an administrator, proceed to Administration Menu –> File Manager (or the direct link is
  3. Next select the folder in the left sidebar in order to drill down within your site’s hierarchy (eg, there are often separate folders for images, documents, etc).  Or, if you uploaded all of your files to the root folder, then this step is unnecessary, as your files will already appear on the right side of the screen. Be careful NOT to delete your skins folder.  Typically the only folders you should be removing files from are “images”, “documents”, and “userfiles”.
  4. Next, locate the file in the right sidebar that you would like to delete.  There should be a number of icons to the right of the file’s name and size, the last being a red delete icon.  Click that icon and then confirm that you would like to delete the file.