Note: Are you 100% sure you will never ever need this page in the future?  Ask yourself this question, because deleting a page from your site permanently removes that page from the system.  See the bottom of this page (under Other Notes) if you accidentally delete a page for your options.
If you’re not 100% sure that you won’t ever need the page in the future, a safer approach is to hide the page from anyone who isn’t an administrator.  Just visit the section on “Securing a Page” on how to do this.
  1. First, sign into your site by clicking “Sign In” (often this link appears at the bottom of your site)
  2. Navigate to the page you wish to delete (actually go to that page in your site).  If you can’t find the page because it’s not in the menu, you can always see a complete listing of your pages under Administration –> Add/Edit Pages.
  3. Click the “Page Settings” icon (usually this icon can be found near the top of your site) – Page Settings or Page Settings
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Delete” button.
  5. Click “OK” to confirm the deletion of the page from your CMS.


  1. After signing in, click the “Key” icon to access the Administration Menu
  2. Click “Add/Edit Pages”
  3. Select the page you wish to delete
  4. Click the “Page Settings” icon – Page Settings  or Page Settings.  This could also be a link called “Page Settings”
  5. Continue by following steps 4 & 5 above.