About Form Wizard Pro

Form Wizard Pro enables you to create arbitrary ad hoc forms and surveys in your site to capture custom information to be submitted by your site visitors. The drag and drop form designer makes it easy. For a guided tour of Form Wizard Pro, please see this demo/training video.



Creating Forms

If you have Form Wizard Pro installed on your website, you will see “Form Wizard Pro by Source Tree Solutions” in your drop down menu when adding a new content feature in your site (as always, you need to be signed in as an administrator):

Form Wizard Pro

Simply change the title of your form, and click “Create New Content” to create your form.

Receiving An E-mail After Submission

  • To receive an e-mail notification of any form submissions, click “Settings” (next to your form’s name, not the page’s “Settings” link in the gray bar at the bottom of the page), then enter in your desired e-mail address next to “Email Address to Receive Form Submissions” (under the “Notification Settings” tab)

Viewing Your Results

  • After signing in, click “Administration” (appears next to the title of your form) –> “Submission Data”.
  • Click “Export Data as CSV” to see your data in an Excel document.
  • Click “View Submissions Grid” or “Browse Submissions” to see your data online
  • Note: If you have a form that needs to be republished year after year (as opposed to a one-time or continuously ongoing event), you should export all of your form submissions to CSV and then consider deleting all previous form submissions.  That way, you can be assured that you aren’t intermixing old data with new.  Be sure you do this before your form goes live!

Supporting/Viewing Attachments

Form Wizard Pro now supports attachments.  When you allow uploads, the end user will be asked to submit their documents on the 2nd page of the form (ie, the “Submit” button at the bottom of the form becomes a “Next” button).  In enable uploads, click “Settings” then see the “File Upload Settings” tab.  Here’s more information on what you can configure:

  • You can decide how many uploads to allow (more than 4 can be added, if need be).
  • You could also provide directions, including adding images/links (such as to a template that must be downloaded/filled out).
  • You can determine which file types to allow.

To view attachments that users have uploaded, see Administration –> Submission Data –> Browse Submissions (attachments appear after questions, at the bottom of the pop-up window).

Other Important Considerations

  • Be sure to include instructions on for your form by clicking the Instructions tab and entering some text.
  • Be sure to include a thank you message by clicking “Thank You Message” and entering some text.


Adding Questions to Forms

To add a question to your form, please do the following:

  1. After signing in, click “Edit Form” next to your survey
    Edit Form
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the ensuing page and select the type of question you needAdd New Question
  3. After your selection, click “Add New Question”.  In this example we will add a list
  4. Add List
  5. Just type in your question, click “Save”, then starting adding your options, one by one.  When you are finished, click “Finished” and voila, you have a form:View List
  6. You can move the question up/down by dragging the area with the up/down arrows to make re-arrangements to your form.



Editing Questions

To edit an existing question on your form, please do the following:

  1. After signing in, click “Edit Form” next to your form’s title (it could also be a pencil icon)
  2. Next click the pencil icon next to the specific question you want to edit
  3. You should see something along these lines:Edit Question
  4. The screen shot above is showing a drop down list; however, all questions will have some of the same fields: Question Text, Answer Required, CSS Class, and Question Type.
  5. Change the question text if you want to change the wording of your question.
  6. Check the box for “Answer Required” if you want to force people to answer the question.
  7. CSS Class can be ignored, unless you happen to be a web designer who understands CSS.
  8. Question type lets you pick a different type of question, such as multiple choice, date picker, etc.
  9. In the above example, you can add a new option by typing your text into the textbox at the bottom and then clicking “Add Option”.  You can also select an option from the list and click the pencil icon to edit that option or the trash icon to delete it.  Additionally, you can select an option and then click the up/down arrows to move that option around in the list.  Finally, when you’re done, just click the Save button (either within the question area itself or at the bottom of the form).
  10. Note: Be very careful about deleting existing question options or questions from your form.  If there have already been submissions for the question/question option you intend to delete, you will create an orphaned response.  It’s always best to export your form submissions before deleting anything, as per https://code.colostate.edu/mojo-forms.aspx#module2243


Viewing/Deleting Form Submissions

  • Once you are logged in as an admin, you should see “Administration” –> “Submission Data” links next to your Form Wizard Pro instance (specifically, next to the title).
  • Clicking these links will allow you to view a grid of all your submissions, export the data, and/or delete all submissions (obviously be careful about using this button; it’s always best to export your data before deleting it, even if you are sure you will never need it again).
  • You can also view/delete individual form submissions by clicking “Browse Submissions”.  By clicking “Browse Submissions”, you can also see any uploaded files (if you elected to allow uploads in your form) – they will appear at the bottom of the screen.  Note:  If you have a very long form, you may have to scroll to the bottom of page to see the attached file(s).File Uploads
  • Note: It is currently not possible to edit a form entry without the help of your resident web developer.


Archiving Older Submissions

Occasionally you may want to archive older submissions. Eg, if you have a yearly scholarship, you would want to make sure you are not viewing applications from last year, so you’d backup/delete all of your previous form submissions before publicizing the scholarship again.  In any case, here are the steps that you would take:
  • Once you are logged in as an admin, you should see “Administration” –> “Submission Data” links next to your Form Wizard Pro instance (specifically, next to the title).
  • Next click “Export Data As CSV” to save all of your submissions to Excel
  • Finally, click “Delete All Form Submissions” to delete all of your form submissions, so that you can start fresh for the new “pool”


Important Notes


You can tell if you have this type of corruption in your form by clicking “Submission Data”.  If you see anything on the page mentioning orphaned responses (eg, see below), please contact your resident web developer immediately.

Orphaned Responses

If you need to change an already “live” form, please contact your web developer.  It’s usually just best to export the form questions and then re-import them into a new form.

If you find yourself using the same form time and time again (eg, for a yearly registration process), it is strongly recommended to “declutter” before each cycle by first exporting all of your form responses to Excel and then clicking “Delete All Form Submissions” in order to remove previous registrations from the system.