Creating a Read More Link Using Separate Pages

 Sometimes when you have a particularly long piece of content you may want to create a read more link such that users only get to see a small portion of your content before having to click “read more…” to see the rest.  Here’s a quick poor man’s way of making this happen (see below for the rich man’s way ):

  1. Sign into your site as an administrator
  2. Create a new page on your site to house the long version of the content.  Note the link to this page (eg,
  3. Add the HTMLContent module to your new page.
  4. Paste the long version of your text into the new HTML content feature by clicking the “Edit” link next to your module and then pressing Ctrl + V for paste
  5. Now return to the page where you’d like your excerpt and remove extraneous content from your text (eg, you may just want to leave the first paragraph intact).  Once you have your except in place, type in the words, “read more…” below or at the end of your excerpt.
  6. Finally, per these instructions, create a new link to the page you created in step 2.
  7. Voila.


Creating a Read More Link Using The Same Page

Now, if you want to be a bit more fancy than the method above, you could create the excerpt/long version on the same page by having your resident web developer add some javascript to your page (or if you feel capable, see the demonstration below).