Using Content Workflow

In order to ensure the highest standards in published web pages (both in terms of code and content) within the Division of Student Affairs, we are beginning to implement a new feature into your content management systems – content workflow.

The way content workflow works is that when you submit changes to the content on your site, these changes won’t automatically be posted to the web.  Instead, when you click “Update Draft” to make a change to your page, you will see icons like this:

Content workflow


Once you are happy with the way your draft version looks, simply click the gray checkmark button as depicted above, and your resident web developer or designed “content approver” will be alerted (via e-mail) of your change.  Once your proposed edit is reviewed, we will fix any code/content problems before making it live!

Note that you can also click the left arrow image to undo your draft version, or click the “i” image for info on the current status of your proposed change.


Admin Set Up

As an administrator, you can set up content workflow in your sites as follows:

  1. Admin –> Site Settings –> Enable Content Workflow
  2. Consider creating a new role for content authors and another for content approvers under Admin –> Role Administration.  Or, you can simply use the Content Author role for those that you wish to create drafts and the Content Publisher role for those that you want to approve those drafts
  3. Now, as an administrator, assign yourself the content approver role you defined above (eg, Content Publisher) using Admin –> Role Administration. You can also assign anyone else whom you want to receive the e-mail notifications to approve content
  4. Finally, visit the page/pages in question that you’d like to force content approval for.  Under Page Settings –> Security –> “Roles That Can Only Edit This Page As Draft”, select the content author role you created earlier (or the Content Author role if you just used that).  Alternatively, simply run a variant of the following queries:

    UPDATE mp_Pages SET DraftEditRoles = ‘Content Authors;’ WHERE SiteId = X   /* who can edit the content in Draft Mode */
    UPDATE mp_Pages SET EditRoles = ‘Content Publishers;’ WHERE SiteId = X       /* who gets the approval e-mails */

  5. If your content approver doesn’t have some type of administrator role, select the role you gave them under “Roles That Can Edit This Page”.  Hit Save.
  6. Now, whenever a content author makes an edit, he/she will have to click the gray checkmark button (Request Approval For This Draft) in order to initiate a “please approve” e-mail to the content approvers.
  7. NOTE: If approval e-mails are not being received, double check that the Content Publisher’s e-mail address is entered correctly!


For more information, see a training video or