Adding a Page to Your CMS

  1. First, sign into your site by clicking “Sign In” (often this link appears at the bottom of your site)
  2. Click the “Add a New Page” icon (usually this icon can be found near the top of your site) – Add a New Page
  3. Select your parent page.  Selecting root will place your page at the top level of your site.  Selecting something else will make your new page a child of of whatever you select.  This is important because it determines where in the menu your new page will be placed.
  4. Give your page a name.
  5. Notice that the URL textbox automatically populates with the page name you just entered.  If you like the auto-suggested URL, leave it alone; otherwise, type in a new URL.
  6. Make sure that “Include in Menu” and “Include in Site Map” are checked, unless for whatever reason you don’t want your new page to be visible to the public.
  7. Those are the only settings you really need to make before creating your page.  Feel free to change any other settings, including the Security settings for the page according to your needs before clicking “Create New Page”.