Tutorials for Common Actions Regarding Your Website

Although the manual/videos below detail most of the following actions, we thought we’d specifically pull out the following tutorials in order to help you quickly manage your content management system.  Keep in mind that there are numerous other tutorials/videos at http://www.mojoportal.com/administration.aspx if a question you have is not answered here.  Or, feel free to contact your resident web developer for assistance.

A Word of Caution – Best Practices For Editing a Live Site

Since the system is generally designed such that you create a page, and then add some module/feature to a page, I figured I’d break down the tutorials accordingly.

Page-Related Tutorials

Adding a page to your site
Deleting a page from your site
Moving a page within your site
Changing the name/URL of your page


Menu-Related Tutorials

Understanding Menus In MojoPortal
Add/Remove Page From Menu (or see Linking To Another Page)
Moving a page within your site’s menu
Update a Page’s Name or Link Within a Menu
Linking To A PDF/Word Document From Your Menu


Module/Feature-Related Tutorials – General Concepts

Adding new content (ie, a module/feature) to your existing page
Changing or hiding a module’s title
Deleting a module/feature from your site
Deleting files from your site
Staging Content

Note:The HtmlContent module is far and away the most commonly-used feature on a site

Module/Feature-Related Tutorials – Html Content

Making Text Edits
Linking to Another Page
Converting Docs to PDFs (for posting on a page)
Linking text to a PDF or Word document
Creating/Linking to an Anchor
Replacing or Removing old PDF, Word, or other documents/files
Inserting a picture
Pasting text from a Word document
Recovering an older version of your content
Creating a “read more” link for your content
Working with dynamic HTML content such as complex slideshows
Embedding a YouTube video on your site
How To Embed A PDF onto Your Site Using Issuu


Other Modules/Features

Creating/Editing Forms Using Form Wizard Pro
Limiting Your Form by Number of Words/Chars
Event Calendar Pro
Adding a Slideshow to your Site
Converting a video for use on your site
Adding a “Booklet” to your Site
Using the Image Gallery module


Security-Related Tutorials

Signing Into Your Site
Adding Users to Your CMS
Granting Edit Privileges to Certain Users
Securing Pages On Your Site
Securing Modules On Your Site


Administrative Back-end

Managing Newsletters



Training Presentation



If you want to become a mojo expert, please try your hand at these exercises!  More exercises will be added soon!


Training Videos

mojoPortal User Guide Volume 1 is a Flash movie about the basics of using mojoPortal. It covers creating pages, editing content, and setting the skin.

Using the FCKEditor – the default editor installed in your content management system.  Covers some of the more common scenarios when editing content on your page (pasting content from Word, adding a picture, etc.)

Using FCKEditor – Part II


Developer Training

Are you a developer who is in charge of a mojoPortal-powered site?  Take a look here