Hosting Multiple Sites

MojoPortal can easily host multiple sites, with their own unique URLs, with one installation. Though each site is completely independant, you can still share MojoPortal features, resources, and members.

Creating a New Site

Start by signing into the primary MojoPortal site as an administrator. Select New Site from the Sites drop down list. MojoPortal will page refresh. Enter the new site title and complete the general information and select the general skin. If you are using LDAP authentication,  uncheck Use LDAP for Authentication under the LDAP Settings in the Security section. Now save your site.

You now have a a blank MojoPortal site. The next steps are to add the Host Mapping, Features, APIs, and Meta Settings. Select the Host Name Mapping tab. Add the urls for the site. Click on the Features tab and add the features desired for this site. Control-click on the features in the All Features select list. When ready click on the right button to add the selected features to the Selected Features select list. Add your API keys like Google Analytics, Google Maps, etc. under the API Keys tab. Lastly add the site’s meta information under Meta Settings. Make sure to use rich keywords and a description

New Configuration and LDAP

If you plan to use LDAP authentication on the new site then it is necessary to do a little more work. Sign out of the CMS. Open the new site in your browser and sign using the default admin user and password ( | admin). Now add your eName as an administrator of the site using the Member List menu option from the Administration Menu. Sign out and back in using the newly created account. Now, check Use LDAP for Authentication under the Security LDAP Settings. Enter your ePassword for LDAP User Password. Don’t worry, this is not saved. Enter the LDAP information for CSU.
Port Number389
LDAP Domaincolostate
Root DNCN (Active Directory)

Save the work. If all goes well, then you have set up a new site using LDAP. If there was an error, check the LDAP settings.

Sharing Members Accross Sites

You can share members across sites using MojoPortal’s Related Site Mode. Add the following keys to your web.config

<add key="UseRelatedSiteMode" value="false"/>
<add key="RelatedSiteID" value="1"/>
<add key="RelatedSiteModeHideRoleManagerInChildSites" value="true"/>