Custom Skins

Please note that the skins below are in varying stages of “completion”, although they all currently validate with W3C standards.

If you wish to utilize any of these skins, please contact me at

Note that some of the skins depicted below may be out-of-date.  For a more complete (and up-to-date) list of sites within the Division of Student Affairs, please see   Users with eIDs can access for a more complete list of all sites within the Division of Student Affairs.


mojoPortal Mobile Skin

SAHE MobileIf you have mobile kit pro installed, you may want to avail yourself of the following CSU-branded skin.  A few notes:

  • Because my work is a derivative of the skin that ships with Mobile Kit Pro, you must either own a license to MKP or be hosting your installation of mojo on the wsnet server to be able to legally use this skin.
  • This skin uses a custom themeroller from the jQuery UI.  I chose to derive my theme from “south street“.  I made it as CSU-esque as I could while still being in keeping with the majority of the south street settings.  I chose this approach because this way you can still use a CDN and then just override a few CSS settings (my overrides ended up being 8 lines of code – these overrides are stored in css/jquery-ui-1.8.14.csu.css.
  • This skin validates HTML5 compliant with W3C validator
  • This skin should work out of the box (just follow the installation directions on mojoPortal).  The main thing you want to change is adding in your own skinfolderimage.

Please let me know what you think/if you have edits/suggestions! -Shaun

CSU Mobile v1

CSU Mobile v1.1

  • this one includes external link indicators in styleicons.css and appropriate image files (be sure to replace your domain names in this stylesheet file)
  • new link to the Division of Student Affairs site in the footer 🙂



mojoPortal “Desktop” Skins

  • Academic Advancement -
  • Asian Pacific American Student Services -
  • Black Student Services -
  • Conflict Resolution -
  • CSU Greeks -
  • DSA Tech -
  • El Centro -
  • Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender -
  • Native American Student Services -
  • Off Campus Student Services -
  • Parents/Families -
  • Ram Welcome -
  • Student Affairs in Higher Education -
  • Student Legal Services -
  • Student Affairs -