C# Web Forms Starter Template – .NET 3.5 

Since I’ve been finding that I use some of the same code/libraries in every .NET web application I build, I decided to package a little starter template which includes the following features:

In any case, if you want to take a look, please download the C# template or see a live example at http://wsnetdev.colostate.edu/cwis257/default.aspx (no guarantees that the later link will remain active forever).  I’d definitely welcome your suggestions/additions to this template.  Also, I hope that, with the help of Steve, I can release a corresponding MVC template shortly…

Btw, if you find this useful and wish to import this as a Visual Studio project template, simply open up the project –> File –> Export Template and follow the prompts.

Upcoming Inclusions

CSS Friendly Adapters


C# Web Forms Starter Template – .NET 4.0 

 Note:  Make sure that your app pool is targeted for the 4.0 framework, or else the above template won’t work.  Contact Joe Volesky or see http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd483478.aspx for more information.

C# MVC Starter Template – .NET 4.0 

See here